St. James Tower Appeal

The sorry tale of a Bell Tower

The tower of St. James stands proud on the skyline when viewed from many directions.

This tower, straight and true, housed the bells of St. James and also the loudspeakers that could broadcast musical chimes across the village in time of celebration.

Sadly, the bell tower fell into dis-repair and the pigeons took over! The result is not pretty:

And this was not restricted to the belfry, the tower room suffered as well. 

Tower Room

The process of cleaning out the accumulated bird droppings (pooh!) and disinfecting everything is not cheap. Scaffolding has to be erected inside the tower and new bird-proofing fitted to all the windows.  The total comes to around £9,600 including VAT.

And after that the tower room will need new lighting and redecorating before it can be used for youth group activities.

But all was not lost. The church members rallied and donated and the PCC applied for grants. 

Now the Friends of St. James can pile in as well!

If you are able to donate, you can do so on our on-line giving page here--> or by contacting us by email for details of other donation methods.

Thank you!