The Millenium Window

During the year 2000, the beauty of the 150 year old Church of St James, Westhead, was further enhanced by the addition of a new stained glass window. 

Millenium Window

The idea of a window resulted from a brain storming session held in November 1998, when church members decided it to be a tangible way to celebrate the millennium.

The design was taken from photographs of our church, surrounding areas and church activities. Being a rural area, many examples of flora, fauna and farming scenes are included. It was also decided to include a computer, and associated mouse, to depict the technological progress in the year 2000. All these scenes, including the church and lychgate make an exciting collage of our church, past and present.

The window was designed and fabricated by Stained Glass Experience who operate out of Cedar Farm Gallery, Mawdesley. Fundraising, over a period of 18 months and 17 events, raised in excess of £10,000, which covered the cost of the window. This performance reflects the generosity and wonderful support of our church members, and the hard work of our fund raising committee.

From the conception of the project, church members were kept fully informed on progress and the development of the actual design through regular articles in the church magazine.

Although it was not until the October 2000, Diocesan Advisory Committee meeting, that final acceptance of our design for a faculty was granted, we were still able to have the window completed and installed before the end of the year 2000, actually on 22nd December 2000!

The vibrant colour and overall beauty of the design have thrilled all who have seen it. During the period of this project, we have been very conscious of the guidance and support of Our Lord for which we give heartfelt thanks.                        

The window stands as a timely reminder that "the Lord is the same, yesterday, today and forever".